Six Helpful Tips for Meeting K-1 Fiancé Visa Requirements

Provide a Letter of Intent as Outlined by K1 Visa Requirements

You need a letter of intent to marry from both parties to get a K-1 visa. Each letter should be signed by the author in black or blue ink. The international fiancé should immediately write this when a US Citizen petitioner begins work on an I-129F; This is because it takes them a while to do so and it can take a long time for international mail to reach US petitioners. I-129Fs need to be signed by the petitioner for the process to go forward so that these letters will be required.

Consider the Items Required for an I-134

Immediately after filing an I-129F, you should begin to consider what items you’ll need for an I-134. Contact your banks and other financial institutions you use to request information on the procedures they’ll use to provide required financial documentation. You could end up being surprised by how long they take gathering the required materials, as it can take several weeks even with in-person visits. You should plan like this through-out the entire process so you can handle unexpected delays easily.

Make Copies of All Required Documents

When you finish an I-134 or an I-129F, make two copies and sign both to make them official. One will be sent to the domestic finance while the other can be saved in the unlikely event where it is lost; Documents can be lost while they’re being mailed and handled by institutions, so always be safe and have a back-up ready to ensure the process continues smoothly.

Keep Documents That Are Submitted Digitally

If you send any document through email or fax via photocopy, you should keep the original record. The USCIS and embassies can request physical copies of these documents during the adjudication process.

Ensure You Have the Photographs Necessary for a K-1 Visa

I-129Fs will also require passport-type photos of both parties along with a biographical information form. The full name of the person on the picture should be written on each photo with a permanent marker. After that, put the images into corresponding plastic bags and label them “Photo of (Person’s full name).” Attach this bag to a piece of paper and place it behind that party’s I-129F.

Use Factual Information for Proof of Meeting Your Fiancé Within the Last Two Years

You will need information that proves you and your fiancé have met each-other within the last two years. This information should be factual and show that both of you were in the same place. Documents that can confirm this include:

Airline tickets and stubs that prove you visited your fiancée (Or vice-versa)

Dated photographs with both of you together

Dated emails (Excluding private information) showing that you and your finance have been communicating

Entry/exit stamps on passports

Some of this is only secondary evidence, but it will help establish the relationship in the eyes of the USCIS. The most important evidence will typically be stamped on passports that definitively prove you visited your finance, or your fiancée visited you and airline stubs that proved you or your fiancée boarded a plane to visit the other.