How to win on a sports betting site – tips and TOP bookmakers

The task of “beating the bookmaker” is quite difficult, however simple it may seem to some newcomers. It should be noted that you should not blindly believe in guaranteed winnings even if you follow the basic rules: we are talking about sports betting, and you can be sure of guarantees only in rare cases. Nevertheless, let us try to understand whether it is possible to learn to win in sports betting and what to do for that. Of course, the first thing to do is to be well prepared and not to forget the basic principles of a balanced game.

To win at sports betting, bet only at trusted bookmakers! The experts at have compiled a list of reliable sports betting sites in Zambia and Africa.

Top 5 best bookmakers

  • Betway
  • Unibet
  • 1xbet
  • Bet365
  • 22bet

Some tips for winning at betting

Choose your financial strategy

The first thing to do is to choose a financial strategy. If ever you can learn not to lose to a bookmaker, it is with a clear financial strategy and accompanying discipline. Before you place your first bet, you need to work out how much and how you will bet now, after you win, after you lose.

Of course, you don’t have to drop everything at once and enroll in economics and finance courses, but familiarizing yourself at least with popular betting strategies is a must.

Do not be afraid to experiment (but think about the risks) and add your own thoughts to existing financial strategies – a little creativity never hurt.

It is also worth deciding how you will bet during different emotional situations. For example, whether you will raise your wager if you catch a bad streak or after a few successful bets in a row. All this is best done with a cool head in advance.

Be aware of everything

It’s no secret that he who has the information, owns the world. The same applies to betting against the bookmaker: As knowledgeable as a player is, he will be able to make the best and most accurate choices.

The player must have all the information he needs to make a good bet. When it comes to team sports, it is a good idea to know about the teams’ form, information about injuries and penalties, insider information, as well as statistics and trends.

All kinds of information can help you adjust your picks for the right event, and you should know it before you start betting on a match. That’s why if you’re wondering how to win in football betting, you can hardly expect to have a positive balance in your game with the bookmaker without following this point.

Be mobile

In order to beat the bookmaker, you need to be able to choose your bets correctly and place them at the right time. A famous person used to say: “The way to success is a chain of correct actions made at the right time”.

When playing against a bookmaker, it is important to be able to “catch” the best odds to make optimum profits. The bookmakers’ line changes over time, so you need to keep an eye on it and understand where it might move next. If at the moment the odds seem quite favourable to you, then don’t wait – play the event on it. If you think the odds might change in a favorable direction for you, it is better to wait.

Use the power of the internet

Live odds, statistics, line-ups, injured, disqualified, and the latest team news are all available to any internet user now. Find the websites that suit you and use them. That way you can make quicker decisions and get more interesting events.

For betting enthusiasts, there are now plenty of different websites that can provide useful information: some data is available to everyone, there are also paid services…

Think differently from the bookmaker

It is to the bookmaker’s advantage that all players think the way he thinks and are predictable. Any gambling enthusiast will tell you that the best chance of winning against an opponent is when they can’t “read” you.

Don’t be afraid to go outside the box, be the kind of player that the bookie will find it hard to adjust to.

Also, study the bookmaker and his moves, find out what principles he uses to form the odds. Once you understand which bookmaker is the best one to play with, a good knowledge of your opponent will help you beat him over the distance.


As much as you enjoy your hobby, sometimes you need a break from it. Playing the bookie comes with a certain amount of emotional overload and mood swings depending on the successes and failures.

Therefore, it is worth giving your body a rest from the game in order to relieve stress and continue your favourite activity with renewed vigour and emotion.

Also, don’t neglect the tips on improving your quality of life. A healthy sleep, a healthy diet, exercise or just a walk in the fresh air. All these things can give you extra energy and increase your performance.

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