A Rental Car Driver can be Held Responsible for an Auto Crash

In any metropolitan area in Texas, it’s no unlikely to encounter rental vehicles on the road. The state sees a big share if business travelers and tourists each day who opt to rent cars. Besides, most residents prefer to rent vehicles from time to time for business reasons, pleasure or both.

When a rental car driver causes a car crash, things might get a little bit complicated legally particularly for the people who sustained mild or severe injuries in the accident. These are some of the instances when you need wise legal counsel from an experienced Austin personal injury lawyer to get compensated appropriately.

Liability in rental vehicle accidents

In many cases, the liability for the crash falls on the rental car driver. If you got injured as a result of the crash, you want to file an injury claim against the driver’s general personal auto insurance. In a straightforward case, you can begin the claim process yourself, but it’s recommended to work with a reliable and experienced attorney. The lawyer can help file the claim and negotiate a fair settlement.

Some of the damages you may seek compensation for include;

  • All emergency treatment costs
  • Relevant follow-up care and regular doctor visits
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Vehicle replacement or repair
  • Replacement or repair of personal property lost or damaged during the crash

You can also seek compensation for the pain and suffering you endured from the injuries, emotional trauma, and other relevant non-economic damages. There are exceptional cases where a punitive award should be made. Consult with your lawyer to know all the damages you are eligible for based on the circumstances of the accident that resulted in your injuries.

Sometimes, the car rental company might be liable

In some rare cases, the vehicle rental company might be responsible for the crash. Note that this situation is rare as the federal law protects the vehicle rental companies from any actions of the drivers who hire the vehicles.

However, if the vehicle rental company failed to maintain the vehicles as required by the law, and that failure was the major cause of the crash, then, the company is liable. Besides, the company could be held responsible for a crash if they were sure that the car was defective in any way and didn’t take appropriate action and rented it to a driver. These actions are considered negligence on the part of the vehicle rental company, and the firm will be held liable for all injuries sustained during the accident.

Seek legal help

There is no car rental driver will take fault easily, or a vehicle rental company will consent to your claims without a fight. While you can start the personal injury claims on your own, your car accident lawyer can make sure that all your legal rights are protected. The attorney can also help you pursue the entire value of your claim against all the parties responsible for your injuries.

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