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Becoming a lawyer is a long-term project. It takes at least 8 years to become a lawyer and often more. However, it does not prevent many Danish youth from joining a law degree at one of the country’s universities each year. In this article you can see how to become a lawyer what it requires and why to choose this.

Attorney is traditionally a task of great honor and respect. It is difficult to become a lawyer, not only because of the long and heavy education, but also the requirements set out above the book. The sole admission to the law degree is too many students every year a major obstacle. If you check you will find the best lawyers there and their degrees.

Law at the university

You can not only see which university is considered the “best” by virtue of the entry requirement. The admission requirement is a result of the number of applicants combined with the number of seats – for example, 2-3 times as many seats at the University. If your section does not meet the entrance requirement for the University, you can constantly apply for legal education with a motivated application and hope that you enter quota 2.

Bachelor of Law

To start with, you must take a Bachelor of Law in your preferred university. This takes 3 years, consisting of a total of 6 semesters, where you have one or more exams each semester.

During the bachelor program you will come across a wide range of subjects within the legal world, including contract law, criminal law, family law , USA law and especially wealthy. You do not become specialized in one branch, but instead get the opportunity to learn “the legal method” and you will find out what you want to do later in the bachelor program.

What subjects and focuses vary from university to university? However, all law students will end up having an overview of the basics of law.

Master’s degree in law

After taking a bachelor’s degree in law, most people choose to continue with a bachelor’s degree. The graduate degree takes 2 years, and is more specialized than the bachelor, as the student himself must choose his subjects.

The two years of the master’s degree program will be used to write a thesis on a subject. What you write is often related to what you want to work with later.

It is both normal to take a single year between the bachelor and the master’s degree in law, as many continue immediately. Since a bachelor’s degree cannot be used in particularly highly isolated terms, the vast majority of students choose to continue their studies with a master’s degree. After the student has completed his candidate in law, he or she may call a Master of Law.

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