Common Questions to Ask in Hiring the Best Car Accident Lawyer

Besides worrying about the damages that have been done to your vehicle and to your health when involved in a car accident, another thing that you should think about is the lawyer that you are going to hire.

According to Georgia’s Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, there are over a thousand deaths concerning vehicle accidents in 2018. If you are around this area and you drive, then you are inevitable at risk. It is important to know the basic steps when hiring the best car accident lawyer in Georgia or anywhere in the state.

Questions to ask in determining the best car accident lawyer

We compiled the top five questions to ask when screening out potential Georgia car accident lawyers for your case.

  1. What are your educational background and professional experience?

Annually, there are released statistics of the best law schools per country and in the world. If this particular lawyer belongs to a high-ranking school, then assurance is guaranteed with the level of quality education. Besides an educational background, you could also ask about their professional experiences like an organization they belong to, influential people they have worked with, and other work-related experiences.

  1. How far along are you in handling car accident cases?

You want someone that is familiar with car accident lawyers. Ask how long they are practicing law, what area of specialization do they focus on, how far along are they in handling car accident cases, how many clients have they represented in a similar case, and if it sided with their favor.

  1. Will you be personally handling my case?

Another thing that most clients miss is that a lawyer will not be attending to your needs the whole time. In most cases, they have other workers do the fundamental things for a client like an assistant, a paralegal, or a legal aide. If you want a particular lawyer to personally handle your case, then you should reach out.

  1. How will you assess my case?

By asking this question, you get a hold of their insights and how will they manage your case. Describe your current situation and ask them about their opinion on how you can settle with a fee you are satisfied with, the factors that you can use as an advantage, and the gray area that might not be with your side.

  1. How much is the estimated cost?

As mentioned, you will need fees to fix up your vehicle, pay hospital bills, and legal fees. Car accidents are naturally expensive so you might consider hiring lawyers with fees that are not skyrocketed. Inquire about their rate whether they charge a contingency fee or a per hour basis and other expenses.


It is best to have a compilation of the best Georgia car accident lawyers in the area so that if you are unfortunate to be involved in a car accident, you are prepared to call your attorney. Once you have listed them down and set up a meeting, you can now decide on whose legal services to avail.