Injured at Work? Here’s What to Do

It’s estimated that over 7 million work injuries occur every year in the United States. If you have become part of this statistic, it can be confusing as to what steps you should take in the immediate aftermath, particularly if the injury you’ve sustained is severe. To help you get the compensation and justice you deserve, here is a guide on what to do next.

Report the Injury

Once you’ve suffered an accident in the workplace, you must report the injury to your employer as quickly as possible. You should do this within 30 days of the accident taking place, otherwise, you may not be entitled to workers compensation benefits. You must also fill out a workplace injury report that will outline the nature of the accident and how it occurred. Even if your employer doesn’t believe it’s necessary, you must demand to fill one out, as it can be used as evidence in your case. Regardless of how much loyalty you have to your employer, you mustn’t hesitate in filling out a report.

Seek Medical Help

Your health and wellbeing should always come first so, after a workplace accident, don’t hesitate to seek medical help. While some workers may only suffer cuts and bruises, others may experience internal bleeding and life-threatening injuries. Once you’ve been checked over by a medical professional and received treatment, you can obtain your medical records which can also be used as evidence. Should there be a dispute with your employer’s insurance company regarding whether your injuries are actually work-related, you will have the evidence to back up your side.

File a Claim

If you’ve been injured in the workplace, you should be treated fairly by your boss and insurance company when seeking worker’s compensation benefits. Once you’ve reported the injury and received medical aid, you must file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits as quickly as possible. You can hire a worker’s compensation lawyer who has extensive experience in the field, which can help strengthen your case. Make sure your attorney is an excellent communicator, active listener, and understands the importance of time management. You need a lawyer who represents you in the best light possible, so make sure you’re honest about what has happened and provide the right evidence.

Look After Yourself

After a workplace injury, it’s normal to feel all kinds of emotions. If you’ve had to take time off work or give up your role altogether, the consequences can be devastating. During your case, you must look after yourself to give you a better chance of getting the compensation you’re entitled to. Many people will have money worries along the way which may put you under immense stress. Keeping positive can be difficult during these times but, to help you stay upbeat, getting enough sleep, meditating to take your mind off things, and staying in direct contact with your lawyer is key.

Whether you’ve suffered minor or major long-lasting injuries from a workplace accident, you need to take the relevant steps to not only aid with your recovery but get compensation for your troubles.

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