Can A Smartwatch Be A Distraction For Drivers?

Wearable technology keeps getting more common and unfortunately, more disruptive when it comes to our attention. Such gadgets can make us more productive and help us be tuned in. However, according to one of the experienced Las Vegas truck accident lawyers who saw it all, Richard Harris, wearable gadgets like smartwatches can be very dangerous for drivers as they create dangerous distractions.

The Danger Of Wearing Smartwatches When Driving

The main danger to know about when you wear your smartwatch during driving is getting distracted. You can receive a notification and then check it. This is actually dangerous driving behavior. Your attention is removed from the road as you engage with the smartwatch.

The best way to understand how dangerous a smartwatch is would be to look at using smartphones while driving since we are looking at the same distraction. Many phone-related activities cause huge risks for the driver. This includes texting while driving and answering the phone without the use of a Bluetooth headset.

With the smartwatch, we have very similar distractions but the big problem is that we are used to glancing at our watch without feeling we are distracted. When driving and checking your smartwatch, you are distracted and there is a very good possibility the distraction will be longer than you think.

What Functions Are Dangerous?

As a driver, you should be aware of the fact that the smartwatch’s notification is just as dangerous as the notification you get from a smartphone. Also, voice assistants are actually not as distracting. You can end up being a lot less focused as you write text and you read messages.

When notifications come through the speaker of the car, there is a much higher possibility you will remain focused and pay attention to the road. Basically, when you use a smartwatch, it is the text alerts that can be very dangerous. In fact, receiving notifications through your smartwatch is much more dangerous than receiving them through a smartphone.

What About The Law?

In most US states, there are strict laws making distracted driving illegal. This involves restrictions against making phone calls and texting as you drive. There are jurisdictions where exceptions exist if you use hands-free applications.

The big problem is that the restrictions that regulate smartwatch use while driving are almost non-existent. This only makes matter worse since drivers can get away from repercussions because of a technicality, even if text notifications on smartwatches are just as dangerous or even more than notifications on smartphones.

Fortunately though, for the injured parties, experienced personal injury attorneys can prove that the at fault driver is responsible for the damages because of distracted driving. This is still covered by personal injury law. The problem is that another experienced attorney representing the defendant can also refer to the law and put a focus on the lack of available laws.

At the end of the day, smartwatches are dangerous as they can lead to serious problems due to distracted driving as one reads texts or uses the gadget in other ways. With this in mind, it is just better to not use it at all as a driver.

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